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Press Release & Social Media Marketing:

Press release and Social Media Marketing form an important part of the deal when it comes to promoting the business. Your website is like your address. And Social Media Marketing is like making people aware about the presence of your address. Various tools are used to do the same.


Social Media Marketing & Press Release Services for Mobile Apps:Bottom of Form Press Release:

Press release writing:-

The content for press releaseneeds to be carefully designed in order to create awareness about the app amongst the targeted audience.It is important to make sure that the content for the press release is SEO optimized so as to ensure the keyword gravity and other factors to improve its search engine visibility

Press release distribution:-

The distribution of content for press release needs to be carefully chosen. The best practices follow release at various popular app websites, blogs, writers and other relevant platforms

Social Media Marketing:-

It is important to strategize the marketing for your mobile app before releasing them on social media platforms. Various Social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter offer great platforms to make announcements for the upcoming app.Forum discussions have proved to be one of the most interactive and extensive ways of social media marketing. They might also help take your audience’s opinions about the app.One of the easiest ways to spread the word is by social bookmarking of the articles.Another expressive way is to through blog posts. Just express your thoughts about the product, pros and cons, features, anything and everything you want to share.Networking always helps. Posting about your product on professional groups like those on LinkedIn might help amplify the spread of word.