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Wakanow - Flight and Hotels Booking App

Wakanow is Nigeria’s first and leading online travel company that provides customers with everything they need to research

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HUBILO - Event Management and Social Networking App


Hubilo empowers people to manage and organize several events skillfully and in real-time.

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PotoBits - Selfie Editing App


Potobits is your selfie editing app with new live camera filters and bunch of font style having cool text effects.

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Yolo Perks - Restaurant App

Yolo Perks

Yolo Perks is the most fun you’ve ever had from an app.

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Photo Montage - Photo Montage App

Photo Montage

Photo Montage helps you Combine your photos creatively with text and emoji to make great.

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DNS Associate - Finance Management Portal App

DNS Associate

An Application to record expenses, mileage, allowances and submit receipts.

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Schedule Social Posting App

Schedule Social Posting

Add Image in posting from camera, library or search from internet.

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Snapit+ - Photography App


Amazing app with frames and the editing photos with multiple captions.

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