Enterprise Development and Web site Development

Enterprise Website Development help the modern day enterprises keep pace with the rapidly changing market environment.When we talk particularly about development, we are talking about the coding aspect of creating a website. NectarBits(Creative Apps Devs) has an in-house web development team and years of experience in designing and developing websites, who work on the latest platforms and tools the market has to offer and create an attractive website for our clients as well as the users. We are well versed with all the major tools, platforms, frameworks and languages that are currently being used by the industry in a state of the art website.

Open Source Tools The main open source tools we use for web development are


Drupal has been a preference of web developers because of two major reasons – Long term business security and Enterprise-class scalability. The highly customizable platform provides quick and agile web development.


It is essentially a MYSQL and PHP based platform, used primarily as a commercial shopping cart solution. A ready storefront, support for over 70 payment methods and various shipping options, full inventory control are some remarkable features, CS-Cart has to offer.


WordPress today forms a backbone of millions of websites out there. SEO is an easy content management and the plenty of themes available makes WordPress a default choice for a website platform. The newer plugins like eCommerce enable the much desired functionality of an eCommerce site, making the platform ever so desirable.


Magento is the default option for the majority of eCommerce developers round the globe. Unique mobile templates, Model-view-counter, multi site and multi store functionality are some of the most notable features.

Our Experts are skilled at ‘hand coding’ and don’t rely on applications to make our development codes and we implement performance best practices to keep our sites fast so they are loved by users and search engines.


Java supports a large number of libraries, frameworks and tools (hibernate, Lucene, eclipse, tomcat, etc.), a solid virtual machine and a huge community. It is one of the most oldest and robust languages for web development still in use. The nature of Java gives it a back seat, but it is what gives the language, the stability.

The PHP Hypertext Preprocessor is a programming language that allows web developers to create dynamic contents that interacts with databases. This feature of PHP makes it the best for developing web based software applications.

It would not be entirely incorrect to say that HTML5 is the mother tongue of the internet. It is suited for a range of devices, offering multiple application functionalities. HTML5’s flexibility for updates and a more logical coding process makes it even better.


CakePHP is an open source web application framework. It is one of the simplest, cheapest and fastest frameworks available out there. We provide comprehensive payment gateway integration and server deployment and configuration with CakePHP.

It does not require an installation, provides MVC structure and code re-usability. The speed, built in security tools and ease of compatibility upgrades the overall experience of using the platform.