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Codeigniter web development

CodeIgniter is PHP Application Development Framework. A toolkit – for a developer to create web sites with legacy. CodeIgniter lets you focus on your projects by minimizing the amount of coding required. It makes your performance better as Codeigniter is a work-faster platform with accuracy. Also, CodeIgniter arrives with a full range of libraries which facilitate the commonly needed web development exercise like data access, Validating, email sending, employ images and much more. CodeIgniter encourages a Model View Controller approach. No PHP version conflicts. Professionals at NectarBits(Creative Apps Devs) work on a wide array of services to enable you the exact solution that matches your needs. Prior to taking a project we understand the business aim of the client and chalk out a development plan. The USPs of Codeigniter as a platform situated in the fact that it does not require an installation, as it provides code re-usability and MVC architecture.The speed, built in security tools and ease of compatibility explore the overall experience of using the platform.

Why CodeIgniter?

  • CodeIgniter is amongst the simplest and easiest web application development platform out in the market.
  • CodeIgniter development requires zero configuration and for programmers and developers, it is easy to write codes for.
  • Not restrictive with coding – you can use your own name assembly and codes, with few cautions that meets with the class name clashes.
  • Smooth documentation – CodeIgniter comes with a user guide on downloading, consisting Introduction, different tutorials, reference documentation for segments that create the framework.
  • Easy to Install In Codeigniter, there is no such classes and configurations only need to download the latest version from the website and after unzipping and setting up a few more things you are ready to work.
  • Almost Zero Configuration – Most of the configuration in CodeIgniter is done by convention. No Massive Libraries – Codeigniter is an inclined MVC framework, with adequate capabilities to enhance your productivity.
  • CodeIgniter packs strokes – Sending emails, working with xml, image control(cropping, editing, etc.) Fully featured database classes supporting several platforms.

Our php codeIgniter developers provide are

Close Integration with social network. Designing e-commerce websites and creation of shopping cart web application using AJAX.