Deployment and Maintenance in cloud computing


Deployment and Maintenance in cloud computing

NectarBits(Creative Apps Devs)approaches cloud computing as a way to help enterprise customers to take a key step towards better business sharpness, economical and user experiences. For many modern CIOs and leaders of technology, enterprise cloud deployment presents an opportunity to redefine the role of Information Technology plays in implementing a business strategy. Because of its power to change how business operate and compete, the cloud is a game changer for the enterprises. With our cloud deployment solutions and other services, companies can gain more value from current investments, implement new capabilities, and build their own cloud-based applications.

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Build optimal cloud infrastructure

Once we are done with the architecture of your cloud, our experts at NectarBits will help to build your infrastructure. It will have all the tools that you require to start coding right away, installed and properly configured. That includes products like Cloud Servers, Cloud Database and services like caching services, programming languages and synchronization tools.

Manage cloud Infrastructure

Once your site is running, you want to keep it up and running. Our Managed and qualified Cloud Support Team consists of Database Administrator, Cloud System Admins, Senior Support Engineers, and Technical Account Managers who not only focus on keeping your application up, but continuously offers suggestions to improve application’s performance, so the users get the best possible experience.

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Architect your cloud infrastructure

Architect your cloud infrastructure

Let our cloud professionals talk with you, learn about your business and applications, and architect the cloud infrastructure that’s right for your company’s present and future. We will architect the cloud infrastructure that is excellent for your application.

You can extend your capabilities of team by letting NectarBits help:
Cloud Computing Deployments Models
  • Architect the cloud infrastructure which is right for your application.
  • Build a cloud infrastructure that will scale with your application.
  • Manage cloud infrastructure on a daily basis

Public clouds are owned and operated by the companies that use them to offer rapid access to affordable computing resources to other organizations or individuals. With this services, users don’t need to purchase hardware, software or supporting infrastructure, which is owned and managed by the providers. Public or external cloud describes the cloud computing in the traditional mainstream, whereby resources are dynamically provisioned on a fine-grained, self-service basis over the Internet, through web applications or web services, from an off-side third-party provider who shares resources and bills on a fine-grained utility computing basis.

A private cloud is owned and operated by a single company that controls the way automated services and virtualised resources are customized and used by various lines of business. It exist to take advantage of many cloud’s efficiency, while providing more control of resources of multi-tenancy.

A hybrid cloud uses a private cloud foundation combined with the strategic use of public cloud services. In reality, a private cloud can’t exist in isolation from the rest of a company’s IT resources and the public cloud. Most of the companies with private clouds will develop to manage workloads across data centers, private and public clouds thereby creating hybrid clouds.

NectarBits has the engineers on staff that can develop, customize, deploy migrates and manage your cloud solution, because adopting a cloud solution is more than just buying the stuff. We helps to maximize the value of your current IT infrastructure by identifying risks, analyzing an infrastructure design, and recommending options to cloud-enable your infrastructure. Contact NectarBits today to learn more about our support and maintenance solutions.