Cloud Computing Services



What Is The Cloud Computing services?

The cloud can be defined as a pack of hardware, storage, networks, processing power, services and interfaces that combine to deliver features of computing as a service. Cloud computing is about accessing and storing data and applications over the Internet instead of computer’s hard drive. NectarBits(Creating Apps Devs) is one of the leading providers of Cloud Computing solutions, have experience working with major cloud infrastruct.


Advantages for opting Cloud Computing

Unlike internal networks, which brings upfront costs, cloud computing services are quicker to deploy and are nearly always charged on a pay as you go basis. This grants for lower and more predictable operational expenses.

Most of the cloud computing data centers are subject to regular security audits performed to the highest standards and your data is backed up across multiple servers.

With the Cloud, you are able to leverage the enormous IT infrastructures of companies like Microsoft and Google to create an entirely bespoke solution, meaning you have total flexibility to scale along with your business to demands of size of functionality.

The Cloud enables you to do this, while also making it very easy for workers in separate locations to collaborate.

NectarBits have extensive experience with Microsoft Office 365 and Google Applications configurations as well as many other cloud offerings such as Microsoft Azure from which we can offer our clients or customers a complete private cloud. Our experience with this enthusiasm helps business succeed places us in an ideal position to offer unbiased advice on all cloud-related errors or bugs from choosing the correct solution through setup and maintenance. While it may be true that cloud computing gives your business an increased degree of autonomy, there may be adverse results if everything is not set up and maintained correctly. A single error while setting up Microsoft SharePoint, for example, could point to the company data loss on a huge scale! A very avoidable risk when you choose to work with a team of cloud computing scholars whose main passion is to ensure businesses are correctly prepared for their move to the Cloud.