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01. IOS App Development

NectarBits is an outstanding company for iPhone application development, which, with its expertise team works throughout the clock, over the years, providing their clients with robust and reliable iOS application development services worldwide. The experts at NectarBits are experienced in app development over the years, so providing a prominent iOS app development solution is one of their proficiencies. Our aim is to deliver quality apps so that the app development for your business results in the best ROI which at the improves your efficiency.

Apple is known for its design- functional and nonfunctional. Right from the look and feel of the product, to its code design, everything about Apple products is unique.Thus, the iOS applications development by NectarBits too follow the trends of Apple and provides you the creative app development solution to downturn your user’s woes. NectarBits has experienced in developing.


02. Android App Development

NectarBits has earned its name over the years for its Android App Development. With our dedicated team of experts, who works dedicatedly to deliver the promised performance, with a deep understanding of the operating system and collaborating this knowledge with your business’s needs, thus developing an application software that is profitable to your business.

Our expertise in the wide range of tools and technologies helps us create web based custom application development that are powerful, scalable and flexible, built according your needs. Our services are not confined to any specific region, as we function globally. Nectarbits believes to follow the steps of the technological trends and updates for creative apps development.


03. WEB Development

NectarBits is dexterous in Creative Apps development has an in-house web development team with years of experience in designing and developing creative websites. Expertise team works on the latest platforms and tools in the field, which helps us creating an attractive website for our clients as well as their users. We are well versed with all the major tools, platforms, frameworks and languages that are currently being used by the industry in a state of the art website.

Web development help the modern day enterprises keep pace with the rapidly changing market environment.When we talk particularly about development, we are talking about the coding aspect of creating a website. Nectarbits has always followed the motto to provide the most creative solutions to you to ease your deeds. We at NectarBits, owe to come up with the best solution for our clients.

How WE Develop Applications
  • 01.Perception
  • 02.Depiction
  • 03.Progression
  • 04.Testing
  • 05.Launch

Nothing comes out without an idea. The whole business process begins with it to create something of greater value. The idea is nurtured in order to define the peripheries of project at a broader scale. An overview is taken by our team in order to accurately adjudge the needs of the project which eventually formulates the pragmatic objectives that are to be attained in specified time period.

With all the requirements that we receive from our clients, we analyse it thoroughly before moving ahead. Our focus in this phase of working process remains not just individual things but also on envisioning the project as a whole together and creating a result that is valued.


Once our research and analysis of project feasibility gets a heads up, we begun on the next part of this process to formulate a plan of action. Sketching is an excellent way to quickly explore the concepts, therefore we aesthetically visualise the the milestones to be set with respect to the scope of the work and resources assigned.

The blueprint of the executables is a paramount step towards the ultimate goal as it works as an extensive depiction of all the resources vis-a-vis tasks to perform. Being the fundamental of any strategy we draw, it is this significant phase that ensures the smooth functioning of rest of the project.


Now we progress through the development phase of our project. Despite handful of commonalities between the web and mobile offerings, the choice becomes difficult for many but our team minutely analyses all your needs to suggest you best possible platform. A big piece of that puzzle is mapping it to the needs of the end users and the major section of audience you will be catering early in the launch stage.

All the way through this process, we keep all our clients updated with every step being taken for the development of the application. The regular communication between our development team and the client ensures that the project is evolving towards the ideal orientation.


This is the phase in the project to do full review of the application. We thoroughly analyse the compatibility of application with different browsers/devices under various conditions to validate the code in order with all the current security standards and practices.

Our team constantly tests throughout the project and stringently adhere the protocols that reinforces our competence to discover errors. This kind of additional testing efforts from both the sides makes the project go smoother and are ultimately fruitful. The project is made better by taking testing seriously and proactively.


Ultimately the whole working process comes to its conclusion with the beginning of launch of application. It is the stage where the final touches are given to the project and the application is braced for deployment. Our team ensures that your application gets right amount of marketing to boost the user base with the SEO optimization and social media tools.

This also marks the initiation of transition from our side, where we provide our clients with a complete indoctrination of the backend usage, ensuring they can make the best use of application as desired conclusion.

Android App Development

Simple Guidance For You In Android App Development

As you open your Android smartphone, you find multiples of Android Apps swinging by the screen. You have an app for photo editing, gaming, banking, health and lifestyle and so on. There is no limit and certainly, there should not be. So, if you also have any of such idea…